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Hemma Concrete, Inc. started originally in 2003 as a residential hardscape contracting company, and today is Atlanta's #1 company for residential concrete contractors. Travis Roberts, President/CEO of Hemma Concrete, has spent countless days and evenings with local homeowners designing and planning their outdoor living dreams. We want your experience to be problem free; an experience that you will want to tell your friends and neighbors about. Our tremendous growth since our inception is due to an enormous amount of referrals from happy homeowners and satisfied customers.

Hemma means home is Swedish, and our company name represents our employees' dedication and care to your household. Our team of residential concrete contractors wants to help make your home the best it can be.

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Hemma Driveway

Hemma Driveways

Learn more about Hemma Driveways, and our skilled team of concrete driveway contractors.


Hemma has built more driveways in metro Atlanta than any other residential concrete contractor, and our experience and reputation are second to none. Hemma offers a variety of driveways depending on the homeowner’s budget, and design goals.

All Hemma concrete driveways include our industry leading 5-year free replacement warranty, a crushed granite sub-base, 4,000 psi concrete with fiber added for additional strength, and steel rebar throughout the driveway.

Hemma driveways are known for their beautiful state-of-the-art finish and hand tooled control joints. Like all our products, Hemma driveways are engineered and built to last. Contact Hemma today to speak with a skilled concrete driveway contractor.


Hemma Driveway

Hemma Sidewalks

Learn more about Hemma Sidewalks.


Sidewalks can serve a specific purpose, but at Hemma, we believe that your sidewalk is the “red carpet” to your home. If your budget allows for it, the sidewalk and walkway should be a work of art designed to complement your home, as well as provide a welcoming atmosphere to all of your guests.

Homeowners have the choice of plain concrete sidewalks, colored and sealed concrete sidewalks, stamped concrete sidewalks, paver sidewalks, brick sidewalks, flagstone and bluestone sidewalks. More than just a choice of sidewalk products, Hemma residential concrete contractor team is always available to help design the sidewalk so that it “flows” rather than being a straight line sidewalk with 90 degree angles. Hemma sidewalks are designed and engineered with quality and beauty in mind,

Retaining Walls

Hemma Driveway

Hemma Retaining Walls

Learn more about Hemma Retaining Walls and Hemma's team of concrete retaining wall contractors.


Hemma’s retaining walls are all built to the highest possible standards. Each Hemma retaining wall is designed by a resident engineer to take into consideration not only the materials used in construction, but the specific terrain, grade, soil and surface characteristics for the specific application. 

Quality design coupled with quality construction results in a retaining wall that has the strength and durability to function as it should for years to come. Every Hemma retaining wall features a custom designed drainage system to prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressure behind the retaining wall. Hemma retaining walls also feature oversized footers to support the retaining wall and prevent any type of wall sagging. Hemma retaining walls are often faced with stacked stone and equipped with electrical conduit for lighting features that turn an ordinary wall into a state of the art designer retaining wall. Our residential concrete retaining wall contractors build every Hemma retaining wall to last.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Hemma Outdoor Living

Learn more about Hemma Outdoor Living.


Hemma has been building beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces for many years. Our experience makes us the residential concrete contractor industry leader, and we’d love to put that experience to work for you!

Hemma pool decks are engineered and built to last, and we have the expertise to avoid the pitfalls less experienced residential concrete contractors often encounter. A company that doesn’t have specific expertise in building and renovating pool decks can damage the pool, the plumbing that often runs under the decking, or both!

Hemma’s replacement pool decks include:

  • Plain Concrete
  • Colored and Sealed Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Flagstone
  • Pavers

All are great pool decks and each is designed to fit within the homeowner’s individual budget. Hemma’s patios, like our pool decks, are engineered and built to give you many years of enjoyment. For a growing number of families, patios have become a second family room and are used for dining, outdoor grilling and just everyday good fun. Hemma outdoor living spaces and patios can include fireplaces or fire pits, outdoor kitchens, seat and or decorative walls.

For specific questions, give  our Marietta area residential concrete contractors a call at (678) 331-7070.