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Stamped Concrete Patterns

If a stone or brick walkway is out of your budget, another option is stamped concrete, also known as decorative concrete, which has been increasing in popularity due to an array of options for designs and colors, as well as relative affordability. 

Stamping concrete is a process in which concrete is pored and a pattern is pressed into the drying surface. This process is time sensitive and requires a skilled hand to line up the stamp to ensure the pattern is applied correctly, but the results are worth the trouble. You can also choose a color. For example, you can have red brick walkway or a grey stone path. As with any concrete project, grooves are strategically carved into the design to help prevent cracks that come with age from cutting through the pattern.

Our designs can mimic the look of stone, tile or brick without the hassle or cost, and because it is concrete, it is an excellent option for driveways, patios and pool decks. 

If you're ready to update your outdoor space with a stylish new look, call Hemma Concrete at (678) 331-7070 to talk to our Atlanta area team about our stamped concrete patterns today!
Below are some of our most popular stamped concrete patterns:
Stamped concrete - Used Brick Herringbone pattern
Used Brick Herringbone
Stamped concrete - Used Brick Running Bond pattern
Used Brick Running Bond
Stamped concrete -New Brick Herringbone pattern
New Brick Herringbone
Stamped concrete - Fractured Slate pattern
Fractured Slate Random Interlocking Pattern
Stamped concrete - Vermont Slate pattern
Vermont Slate Random Interlocking Pattern
Stamped concrete - English Yorkstone pattern
English Yorkstone Random Interlocking Pattern
Stamped concrete - Ashler Stone pattern
Ashler Stone Random Interlocking Pattern

Stamped concrete - Stone Tile pattern
Stone Tile Stacked Bond
Stamped concrete - Cobble Tile pattern
Cobble Tile Stacked Bond
Stamped concrete - Cobblestone Running Bond pattern
Cobblestone Running Bond

Stamped concrete - Rock Salt Seamless Texturing Skin
Rock Salt Seamless Texturing Skin

Stamped concrete - Fractured Slate Seamless Texturing Skin
Fractured Slate Seamless Texturing Skin
stamped concrete pattern - Ashler Stone - Embossing Skin
Asher Stone Embossing Skin

To learn more about our stamped concrete patterns, contact Hemma Concrete online or call (678) 331-7070 in the Atlanta area.