Commercial Hardscape Solutions

Hemma Concrete, Inc. is one of the most accomplished hardscape concrete contractors in the Atlanta area. We specialize in producing high-end concrete and paver finishes for large commercial hardscaping projects. In addition, Hemma’s expert hardscape team possesses a wide range of experience in all facets of site construction. Our team works hard on each hardscape construction project to ensure that our Atlanta area clients are satisfied with the end results.

Hardscape Services Include:

  • Architectural / Decorative Concrete
  • Stamped / Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • Sandblasted Concrete & Pool Decks
  • Pavers (Brick, Concrete, Natural Stone, Pedestal)
  • Site Walls
  • Stone Veneer and Granite Rubble Walls
  • Fountains and Water Features
  • Wood Structures
  • Decorative Handrails and Guardrails
  • Site Fencing

Hemma Concrete employs honest, professional hardscape contractors in the Atlanta and Marietta area. Whether your business needs a fountain, a wall, or even a concrete paver, give your local concrete contractors a call today in the Atlanta area.


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