The Hemma story is one that truly mirrors the American dream. In 2003, a small concrete contracting company was formed in the home of Travis and Carrie Roberts, a young married couple in their mid-20’s.  With very little start-up money and flyers made at home they pounded the pavement to start a residential concrete company.  Since that time Hemma Concrete has become one of the largest concrete contractors in the Southeast. The executive team at Hemma will tell you the reason for Hemma’s phenomenal growth can be traced to their upstanding philosophy of doing business:

  • Start and finish the job on time.
  • Provide better customer service than anyone else.
  • Deal with honesty and stand behind the work you do, no matter what the cost.

This approach to business and an unyielding commitment to be the “best of the best” has served both Hemma and their customers well.

Between the years of 2007 and 2011, Travis and Carrie welcomed three children into the world.  Carrie stayed home with the kids for a number of years.  Travis continued to grow and expand Hemma Concrete.  In June of 2014 Travis Roberts passed away from cancer.  After a period of grief, Carrie came back to work full time at Hemma Concrete in 2016.  The Hemma philosophy has not changed and the memory of Travis pushes everyone to ensure that Hemma remains the “best of the best”.