Hemma Residential Retaining Walls

Hemma Concrete of Atlanta installs and designs beautiful, functional retaining walls for residences all throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Because we care about the health and safety of your family and the beauty of your yard, Hemma’s retaining walls are all built to the highest possible standards. Each Hemma retaining wall is designed by one of our resident engineers to take into consideration not only the materials used in construction, but the specific terrain, grade, soil and surface characteristics for the specific application.

Quality design coupled with quality construction results in a retaining wall that has the strength and durability to function as it should for years to come. Every Hemma retaining wall features a custom-designed drainage system to prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressure behind the retaining wall. Hemma retaining walls also feature oversized footers to support the retaining wall and prevent any type of wall sagging. Hemma retaining walls are often faced with stacked stone and equipped with electrical conduit for lighting features that turn an ordinary wall into a state-of-the-art designer retaining wall.

Hemma also builds beautiful boulder retaining walls in addition to stylish modular block retaining walls. All of our retaining walls can be built with sweeping curves and designs that add beauty and value to your property and all come in a variety of decorative block designs and colors.

For years, Hemma has helped homeowners discover that retaining walls can be used to create both allure and value in your yard. A Hemma retaining wall adds to the value of your home as it adds both charm and functionality to the property. Contact Hemma today to learn more about retaining wall design in Atlanta.


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