Travis Roberts co-founded Hemma Concrete in 2003 with his wife Carrie.  They had little to no money when starting Hemma, but they both believed in a strong work ethic and never ran away from taking a risk.  Travis and Carrie spent the first months passing out flyers in mailboxes, while advertising for driveway replacements.

Travis always relied upon his natural instincts as an entrepreneur and a charisma that demanded admiration and loyalty.  Travis had a skilled approach to growing Hemma.  He made several key hires and brought in outside investors to fill management and financing gaps.  Hemma expanded rapidly from residential to commercial construction.  After years of hard work and determination, Hemma grew into a $30M+ revenue per year multi-trade construction business.

As he watched Hemma achieve this success that took such an amazing effort, tragedy unfolded.  Travis contracted a rare and deadly form of cancer known as cholangiocarcinoma.  He fought this cancer with a courage and passion that was awe inspiring to those of us who witnessed it.  He relied strongly upon his Christian faith, as well as the most advanced medical treatments available.  He gave several motivational speeches to thousands of listeners across the country.

Travis passed away peacefully on June 7, 2014, surrounded by his loved ones.  He is survived by his wife Carrie and three young children: Trey, Piper and Jake.  The detailed story of Travis’s brave fight is thoughtfully documented at

Today, Hemma continues to grow under the legacy that Travis created.  His partners at Hemma are committed to following in his footsteps, remaining true to the culture and uncompromising customer service that made Travis such a success.  Every new project we build is a testament to his outstanding life achievements.  The Hemma family will always remember Travis with love, gratitude and respect.